Picking, Creating, Sharing.... it's where we find beauty in our world - even among the chaos.

I am lucky enough to have two strong women in my life who have helped me to find my passion for picking as well as developing skill in re-purposed/up-cycled art. My mom raised me in the antique trade world which undoubtedly has lead to my deep love for picking. She has the best "antique eye" I've ever known- her unique gift has taught me more than she'll ever know. The second woman, my Aunt, has forever been that family member that you don't dare compete with for 'best handmade present' for hers is always unbelievably thoughtful, deep, intricate piece of art that blows you away. She has had the greatest influence on my art and love for up-cycling. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me.

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